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In the movie musical My Fair Lady, Audrey Hepburn plays a poor Cockney flower girl, Eliza Doolittle, who, after learning to conduct herself with propriety and refinement, passes for a Duchess at an ambassador’s ball. According to her mentor Professor Henry Higgins, the most important part of the process is Eliza’s ability to master proper tone, inflection, and pronunciation to produce impeccable speech. Really, it’s a coming of age story with two primary underlying themes: acceptance and transformation.

In the story of my life, I play myself {My Phare Lady}—learning to speak my truth by giving a voice to the whispers of my heart. This is my ongoing story of unbecoming everything I once thought I was to discover the truth of who I am. So essentially, this is my coming of age story, and it has two primary underlying themes: acceptance and transformation.

I invite you to follow along as I share my journey of letting go and coming home—to myself.


Photo Credit: Linda Patterson, Vision Icon Photographic

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