Taking back control of my life in October

This post could also be called, All work and no play makes My Phare Lady a cranky woman!

You see, my life got sucked up and swallowed whole by the swirling vortex of September. A tad dramatic? Maybe. But it’s the most accurate way to sum up how I’ve been feeling lately.

It seems like it was just yesterday we were doing back-to-school shopping for the kids (well in advance of the actual start of the school year back at the beginning of August, I might add). We were organized and on top of the game. Now, with two kids in school and extracurricular activities on top of my working three days a week and trying to manage a busy household, I’m completely overwhelmed by our new fall family routine.

What frustrates me most is that I never seem to have enough hours in a day to accomplish everything I need, not to mention what I would like to do. I want to do more of the things that feed my soul, like reading books, blogging, and exercising more often, but with barely enough time to accomplish the basic essentials (I have mountains of laundry and dust bunnies in all corners of my house), that’s just not happening.

I am running around in circles and instead of getting closer to finding my passion, I feel discouraged and discontent. In my quest for balance, harmony, and personal fulfillment, I feel like time—or the absence of it—is the enemy. (I may need to re-read Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now, but who has time for that? Oh, the irony!)

The rational side of me knows life is essentially the events that happen as a result of a series of choices. And the only reasonable conclusion I’ve been able to come to is this: I need to get absolutely clear on my goals and priorities. I need to devise a plan about to how to use my “spare” time as efficiently as possible toward achieving my goals. Without the ability to clone myself, or the unlikely event that some higher power is going to add more hours to each day, a thoughtful and deliberate plan of attack is likely my best bet for taking back my life in October.

So, stay tuned for my goals and action plan in a future blog post. (I hope putting this out there on the Internet will keep me honest!)

Also, I’m curious to know:
What are your strategies for getting everything done and maintaining a healthy balance? How do you accomplish life’s necessary tasks while still leaving some time for fun and the things that feed your soul?

4 thoughts on “Taking back control of my life in October

  1. Andrea says:

    Since posting this blog at the end of last week, I’ve received some great suggestions in response to my question. A number of people have recommended hiring a cleaning lady via other social media channels. Someone else suggested adopting an intention, such as “I have all the time I need, to do all of the things I want and need to do”! Also, by focusing on the lack of time to do things, you will seem to have less and less time.
    Another suggestion is trying to release the things you feel you “should” do and focus more on the things you feel will be life giving and in the direction of your choosing. Shift your thinking to what you are thankful for. All excellent suggestions!

  2. Debra Ward says:

    Do more yoga! I find that having that 90 minutes refocuses me more than anything else. Yep, releasing the “should do’s” and concentrating on the “I want to do’s or “I must do or else…” helps too.

    Give yourself a break! Despite what media and sometime even other working Moms say you really do NOT have to do it ALL by yourself.

    You only get the same 24 hours a day as everyone else so make them matter.

    Not that I practice (other than the yoga) what I preach!

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