Who is My Phare Lady?


Photo Credit: Linda Patterson, Vision Icon Photographic

Hi, my name is Andrea Phare, also known as My Phare Lady. The story of my life is unfolding. I am a work in progress. I am learning to notice the beauty and love that surround me, everyday. I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend. I am also a writer, aspiring yogi, and intuition follower, striving to live with courage, presence, gratitude, and grace. I like to think of myself as a modern-day  bohemian woman who believes above all else in freedom, beauty, truth, and love.

I am:

A truth seeker // teller // seer of light

An idealist and purveyor of positivity

A dreamer, dwelling in the space of expansion and possibility

A conduit of love

A wonderer and wanderer on a never-ending journey of self-discovery

A spirituality inclined highly sensitive person, bordering on empath

A word girl and linear thinker with creative tendencies

A sometimes outgoing, always introvert

A recovering perfectionist; Virgo for life

A curious lifelong learner and world traveler with much so much left to see

2 thoughts on “Who is My Phare Lady?

  1. lieslm73 says:

    Andrea, this is so wonderful! “I am…” Such powerful words, and you absolutely nailed your descriptions. I am glad we are getting to know each other better through our writing! Keep going!

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